Saturday, August 29, 2015

Why Granite is the Material of Choice When Replacing Home Countertops

From Formica to Corian and numerous other options, there are several options for materials available for use with your upcoming countertop replacement project. These can be used for both kitchen and bathroom projects, and while each material has its pros and cons, there are a number of reasons why you’ll want to choose granite when replacing your countertops for your Indianapolis, IN or Kansas City, KS home. To fully understand the characteristics and benefits of granite, you may decide to visit a local granite showroom in the near future so that you can learn more about the gorgeous slabs available for purchase. Fascinating Patterns in Endless Color Choices Granite is a naturally-made material that is found in many areas of the world. The environmental elements (e.g. minerals) as well as the conditions in the area of formation can impact the coloring and pattern of the granite.

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