Sunday, August 2, 2015

Matching the Color of Granite Countertops with Your Kitchen Design

Choosing the correct shade of granite for your kitchen countertop can prove to be a creative challenge. Aside from the color itself, there are so many other factors to consider, like the lighting, the color of the walls, the cabinet colors, the flooring, and even the furniture. A good kitchen is one where all of these elements blend together to create a refreshing and comfortable space. Granite is a bit harder to match since the stone designs are not consistent; however, this quality of uniqueness is also what makes granite a special addition to any kitchen. With the right planning and technique, granite can considerably enhance your kitchen and make it a standout. So how exactly is this possible? Take a look at these suggestions: Black & White The safest option, which has been tried and tested for centuries, is the pairing of dark hues with light ones.

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