Thursday, July 30, 2015

Marble Kitchen Countertops and Other Home Pastry Baking Necessities

Repeatedly buying pastries down the block in Indianapolis can be expensive, especially if your kids have a sweet tooth. The lines can also be so long during peak hours that by the time you make your purchase your newly baked muffins are no longer warm. There are actually more advantages to baking your own food at home than buying them from stores: firstly you can always ensure that the pastry is warm and fresh; second you can regulate the amount of ingredients like sugar, to ensure that the food is both nutritious and appetizing; third the smell of baking dough spreads throughout your home; and lastly, you get to learn and teach your kids how to bake—an invaluable skill when they start living independently.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kitchen Designing: What’s Your Pick of Bright Kitchen Countertops?

Some homeowners in Kansas City like their homes bright and gleaming, with white or beige-painted walls, ceiling-to-floor glass windows, and prominent sophisticated lighting. When it comes to searching for new kitchen countertops, the same principle applies: natural stone in bright colors. Beth Dotolo, in her piece for Houzz, says the classic white marble with grey veining has been a favorite for centuries. Using a bright-colored marble countertop can produce stunning results. If you have finally decided on having marble countertops in your home, here are some characteristics of the two most popular choices, Calacatta and Carrara.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Sheer Fun of Setting up Marble Kitchen Countertops from Columbus

When you’re considering a remodeling project for the kitchen, your choice of countertops will often be one of the main points for discussion. As far as materials go, may not be a bad idea at all. Tim McKeough of Architectural Digest said learning about marble countertops and how to take care of them will give them lasting appeal. Making that happen will require extensive consultations with a Columbus countertops provider like Unique Stone Concepts. Mix and Match Like other stone countertop materials such as granite, marble carries its own varieties of colors, with the familiar vein-like jagged lines coursing their way across the stone. The proposed color should not detract from your overall plans for the kitchen as long as the color matches your preference. A check of your countertops provider’s catalog can reveal some noteworthy ideas; for brightly-colored marble, for example, you have Calacattas Cream and Supreme, and Blanco Imperial “Suede.”

Monday, July 27, 2015

Remodeling with Marble Countertops: Why White Is Worth Considering

Among the several makes of kitchen countertops available in the market, marble is a classic choice that has long been a symbol of sophistication and luxury in kitchens. The intricate and exciting designs that the stone naturally exhibits are invaluable assets in kitchens—and even in bathrooms and outdoor living spaces on some occasions. This is why many remodel projects involve replacing old countertops with valuable marble products. A lot of remodelers prefer marble that comes in dominant shades of white. Ivory, snow, and silvery or grayish are all great choices as they can complement both light-colored and darkly tinted backsplashes and sinks, kitchen islands, drawers, floors, and other surfaces. White marble countertops can serve well as valuable additions to kitchen makeovers and minimalist interior designs for Omaha homes.

Renovating with Kitchen Countertops: Steps to Take, Tips to Consider

Kitchen renovations are among the most popular projects that style savvy homeowners in St. Louis undertake. By improving the heart of the home, you breathe new life into the property and make it more livable. Even easy, quick, and inexpensive tweaks like removing clutter, organizing the space, and adding vibrant decorations can already make an impact. One way to refresh your kitchen’s look is replacing your countertops. Although the project can cost a fair amount of money, it is still easy, quick, and inexpensive compared to total overhauls or critical reconstructions (i.e., projects requiring alterations in the plumbing or rewiring of electric systems). Here are the steps you go through and some tips you can follow when renovating with kitchen countertops to get the most out of the investment.