Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kansas City Kitchen Countertops Provide Easy Flair for Basement Bar

There are houses whose basements are so large, their owners have a lot of ideas about repurposing them for something else; a bar is usually not far down that list. The intricacies of such a project, however, call for more meticulous options, such as the choice of countertop material for the main bar area. Party games organizer Doug Winship said the challenge lies when you need separate spaces for preparing and serving drinks. Kansas City residents know how to have a fun time, even right in their own homes. A casual look over of KC’s party scene yields clues on various hangouts worth visiting with one’s friends and loved ones, such as the famous Peanut on Main St. and Mike’s Tavern down on Troost. When you feel the time is right for your basement to become your own private bar and want a serious deck adorning it, consider your options with a seller of kitchen countertops in Kansas City, such as Unique Stone Concepts.

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